How to get rid of a silver lace vine


A vigorous silver lace vine has grown on my back fence for over a decade. I am going to replace the fence and want to get rid of the vines as they require so much work to keep them under control. I have cut the vines to the ground but I am sure they will grow back. Any thoughts on the best way to get rid of this plant?


You do have a challenge. The best way to manage this is to continually cut the vines back to the ground until the plant is weakened and dies off. Do not try to dig it out, because root or stem fragments can re-sprout. Take care to remove all plant parts you cut and dispose of them in a yard waste bag.

If possible, make sure that the area where it is growing is not fertilized and watered.

We don’t recommend using a herbicide since the treatment will harm any desired plants growing below the vine.

It will take a lot of patience. This may take 2-3 years, but the vine will eventually give up.