How to get rid of this bug


I looking for spray or how to get rid of bug I have seen on my Hydornga plants and on the PINE tree.

Please advise and help.


Lucky you!  What you have found on your plants is the exoskeleton of the Cicada.  This is the time of year when these fascinating insects appear in our gardens.  Their droning “buzzsaw” sound is a feature of the city (and the countryside) in late August, and it is common to find their exuviae, or exoskeletons – that is, the skin left behind by molting insects – on plant stems and tree trunks.  Cicadas have a very short lifespan above ground and they do no harm to garden plants.   There is no need to spray – you can simply remove any of these abandoned exoskeletons that you find.

If you are interested in learning more, here is a link that describes the life cycle of these amazing insects:

August 28, 2021