Storing Bean Seeds*


I’ve collected seeds from beans that I grew this past summer and want to use them next summer. Should I refrigerate them or keep them in a cool, dry place?



Saving seeds from vegetables such as beans is an economical way to provide vegetables from year to year. Once the bean pods have dried (the seeds will rattle inside the pod), either leave the beans in the pod or shell them; simply place the dried seeds into a paper envelope(s) [remember to label with name/variety of seeds] and put the envelope(s) into a sealed glass jar. It’s important to keep the seeds in a cool, dry place at a temperature between 0′ and 10’C.; a refrigerator can be an ideal place to store the seeds. To ensure that the seeds remain dry, put a small amount of silica-gel desiccant into the jar with the seeds; one can also use 1 -2 T. of powdered milk wrapped in a small piece of cheesecloth or a facial tissue as a desiccant.

The seeds can then be planted next spring when the soil in your garden is warm enough to plant beans.

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