Planting a Foxtail Lily in Toronto *


I am wondering what are the planting requirements for foxtail lilies in Toronto. Available information is not clear, especially depth and whether it should be in full sun or not ( due to late late spring temperature fluctuation ). May be covering it with 2 in mulch in winter and planting in full sun solves the problem?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Foxtail lillies, Eremurus elwesii, are from the high altitude plains in Asia and are a beautiful addition to the June garden. Once established they perform well but can take some patience in the beginning.

The bulbs are fragile and need to be handled carefully. Once established they prefer to be left alone. In the first season it is not uncommon to have no sign of a plant or just some leaves. It may be a couple of years before you have the beautiful flower spikes.

The bulbs should be planted in the fall in very well drained enriched soil and in full sun. Be sure to add some compost to the area before planting. The bulbs need to be spaced out with 2-3 feet between bulbs. This avoids over crowding. The plants will fill out over time.  The roots radiating from the bulb should be 4 inches deep but the bulb itself should have the crown facing upwards and only be a couple of inches under ground. Mulching the area well with help protect the bulbs through the winter from cold and temperature changes.

I am attaching some links for you with further reading about the Foxtail Lilly.

Good luck!

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