Hydrangea and Chipmunks


Hello! 2 questions if I may:
1. How to control a chipmunk problem. I have numerous chipmunk holes in my garden. One of these homes is under one of my flower gardens. They dig holes everywhere. Any suggestions? I cannot grow anything with bulbs…some always digs them up/eats them.
2. What is the plant that I have attached? I was told it was a Hydrangea. I have had it different areas of my yard with varying degrees of sunlight and have never seen it bloom.
I live in Kitchener, Zone 5



Question 1: Chipmunks, so cute and so annoying! I have attached a link to Penn State University publication on dealing with chipmunks. Just click on it to get to the site. Best of luck!


Question 2: Yes, your shrub is a hydrangea. ¬†There are quite a number of different types of hydrangeas needing different environments to thrive in. The one you have is a macrophylla, (botanical name of Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Variegata’). Toronto Master Gardeners had the opportunity to answer a question about the best growing conditions for macrophylla hydrangeas which should be quite helpful for you. I have pasted it below and you can click on it to see the answers.image