Hydrangea Bushes


We have 2 hydrangea bushes out front,facing south. There are no blossoms,so far. Is it because of the cold spring weather?


We receive numerous questions from Toronto gardeners concerning their non-blooming hydrangeas.

You don’t say what kind of hydrangeas you are growing, nor whether you have pruned them, but this is important since some kinds of  hydrangeas grow flower buds on new wood (for instance Annabelle with its large white blooms, which is very popular in Toronto) and some flower on old wood.  If you have pruned your hydrangeas and they are the type that blooms on old wood, your hydrangea will not bloom this year.  Annabelle hydrangeas, which bloom on this season’s growth, should be pruned in late fall, or in early spring before growth begins, and it is on these new branches that buds will form.

In general, this has been a slow spring for hydrangeas, with many showing no signs of buds yet.  There can often be die-back of hydrangeas after winters of extreme cold and late frosts.  We think you should give your hydrangeas a little more time.  If you know or can find out what kind they are, this link contains information that has been pulled together from other Toronto Master Gardener posts, which I hope will help in identifying and understanding the best cultural practices for your hydrangea: Hydrangeas- Blooming, Growing Pruning