Hydrangea – Plant ID



Happy new year.

I like to ask you a Hydrangea variety ,I couldn’t find the name ,If you can help me would be very apricated.

Thank you very much


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. The rounded pink blooms and large leaves in your photo suggest that you have Hydrangea macrophylla.  It is difficult to see some parts of the plant clearly in this photo and an identification key is attached below that may help you to verify the plant attributes.  As for the specific variety or cultivar it is a challenge to identify with certainty as there are many and can vary in name and breeding from one nursery to another.  Nonetheless, macrophylla hydrangeas all require similar care.  They bloom on old wood and rarely need pruning.  If pruning must be done, clip stems back to a pair of buds immediately after blooms fade.  They like moist but not soggy soils and will tolerate partial or full sun.  Further information about hydrangea care is attached below.

Hydrangea Identification

Hydrangea information and care

New cultivars

Thank you for your question!