I have the worst weeds ever!!!!!


I have an entire lawn of weeds that have all gone to seed. The soil is quite hard and the grass if any is definitely not all that pleasing. And suggestions as to what to do. I am willing to put in work but do not have much money to put towards the project. Any advice would be amazing!


Thank you for enquiring about how to improve your lawn.

A fact sheet the Toronto Master Gardeners prepared for the City of Toronto, Tackling Weeds Organically, is a great resource.

HOW TO REPAIR A NEGLECTED LAWN  briefly mentions solarization, a method which may be particularly beneficial in your case. The following link provides excellent instructions for this method. www.weekendgardener.net/organic-weed-killer/solarization-100710.htm

The process will take some time and considerable effort, and then you will enjoy a lush, weed-free lawn. Good luck!