Shrub ID Bush Honeysuckle


What is this shrub?

This small volunteer shrub is growing in my garden. Can you identify it?
I have attached a photo.

(Is it possible to send only photo? I was also surprised that photo did not show up below so I don’t know if you received it.)

Did send this last week but can’t find it on your site so perhaps the query got lost.



Thank you for contacting us with your plant ID question. Unfortunately, it is possible to only attach one photo at a time.

Sorry to hear that you did not receive our answer. Here is what we posted to your initial query:

It is difficult to make a definitive ID with the information you gave us. I am not sure the size of the plant, how long it has been growing, where it is located and what conditions it is growing under. From the picture I am guessing you may have a native bush honeysuckle, (Diervilla lonicera). If this is the case you will have flowers next year which will help make a definitive ID. I have included two links for you to look at and see if this is the plant you have. If not please send us more information as well as a picture that shows more of the plant.