Identify narcissus


I hope you are able to identify this daffodil for me, I planted Thalia but this isn’t Thalia! Is is a pretty little yellow daffodil with 2 flowers on each stem , the flowers are about 4-6 cm across with stems about 16 cm long , they just started to bloom a few days ago
Thank you


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners about your daffodil.

No this is definitely not a Thalia narcissi.- it would have a white flower It would appear to be a Narcissus jonquilla – this type of narcissi has one to three fragrant flowers per stem, petals spreading. The exact one is difficult to know, they have so many varieties.

If you want to to investigate the various narcissus/daffodil types, there are many website however  you might like to look on the following:–_daffodils

I have learned that I cannot always remember what I planted in which location, 6 months later so I always keep the bulb planting tags (with the picture of the flower) in an old photo album so I know what I planted each year and what was a success.  Placing a rock or small tag in the ground when you plant also indicates where you planted your bulbs so you do not disturb them in the spring.