Identity of a bush


I live in zone 3b or 4 in a rural setting. I found a flowering bush which probably was an old homestead site. I need help identifying it so I can propagate to have some on my own property.
Thank you


This is hard to identify from the photo but since it was found on an old homestead, it could be a weigela. Weigelas are old fashioned shrubs that have been planted in the west since the mid 1800s. They have tubular or trumpet shaped flowers ranging in colour from white through pinks to red. They are hardy from zones 3 – 8. They are “carefree”, long blooming and easy to propagate. They can be rooted from” young shoots in a propagator  in the summer or in a cold frame in autumn” or also in the autumn by layering.

Even if this is not a weigela, almost any woody shrub can be increased by layering. Bend a lower more horizontal stem down to the ground, make a notch or cut 1/2 way though the stem at the point where it touches the ground. Then bend it at this point to form a right angle. Cover the notched angle with soil, pressing the soil down firmly. The tip of the stem should be standing upright. You can do this with several of the limbs of the shrub. Young stems will root faster than older stems. By the following autumn the stem should have new roots at the notched area. You can then cut the stem off from its original plant. Make sure it is well rooted before you cut it.

For more information on weigela, click here.