Growing roses in Iberia*


I would like to grow roses in my garden in Iberia. Will roses survive in this hot, dry climate? Most of my neighbours have artificial flowers. Do they know something that I don’t?

Any help would be appreciated.




Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

With the dry arid conditions you describe I can see the desire to plant some roses to brighten the yard up. I am expecting that growing things in your conditions is a challenge especially if most people use artificial flowers. It will take some determination. That being said I am seeing sites talking about growing roses in the desert.

It is difficult for me to even begin giving you advice on how to go about this project. You will need to take into consideration the availability of water, the intensity of the heat, the location and the condition of the soil you will be planting in. Is the soil full of nutrients or is it fairly sandy or packed clay? Do you need to worry about the pH of the soil and it’s ability to retain water?  Not being familiar with the location or the climate I can not advise you on these issues.

Another important issue is what plants are available to you there? It is not permitted to bring nursery stock from Canada and plants that grow here probably would not thrive in the new environment anyway. You will need to find a more local source for your plants.

I am not finding any gardening societies online from your region but I have attached a few links below to societies which deal with similar conditions and maybe able to give you a more precise answer. If you ask around back home someone maybe able to point you to a more local group.

Good Luck

The Mediterranean Garden Society

The Desert Horticultural Society

Horticultura Societies in Africa