Is my Concord Grape Vine Dead


Hi, i planted a Concord grape vine last year in a planter 17″ high x27″x 20″ using potting soil. It is now May and there does not seem to be any life. I used a planter because we have a neighbouring Black walnut tree. The vine root is about 15 ” down. What should I do, pull it out and start again. The tree is about 45 feet away but is 45 feet tall. I am worried about the Juglone. Should i try to plant it in the ground with a new plant. How far below the surface /grade should it be and i still want the planter around it (i made it myself)


May 14 2021

"Wine grapes require long, dry, warm-to-hot summers and cool winters for their best development. 
Severe winter conditions destroy unprotected vines; spring frosts occurring after the vines start growth will kill the shoots and clusters." 
                   This passage from tells you much about your vine's failure.
Concord grapes prefer well drained, sandy soil, but may tolerate other dry conditions. Acid soil with a pH of 5.0-6.5 is best.
If you wish to contain the vine, you need a deeper bin that you can insulate with 2" product.
Lots of sun helps, but wind protection is also needed. The vine may also require support, such as a fence with exposure on both sides.

Search "Growing Table Grapes" Oregon State University, and download their booklet EC1639 May 2011.