Is this a Marsh Marigold Iris?


I saw an article that some non gmo vintage irises are becoming rare and need help to preserve. If this his true and I have them, how can I help?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

‘Marsh Marigold’ bearded Iris three outer sepals or “falls” are deep purple-brown with a yellow margin and it’s three upright petals referred to as “standards” are yellow. My suggestion would be to contact the Historic Iris Society for a positive identification.

A Quest to Save Rare Irises discuses the rare iris rescue program which is sponsored by the Historic Iris Society, how you sign up for the program and exactly what is involved- ” Because the program aims to grow irises in as many diverse climates as possible, residents of all areas of North America are welcome.  Be warned, however,  that no fame will result from your efforts.  To safeguard the rare flowers, participating gardeners are anonymous and the location of their gardens is kept secret.  Readers who are interested in becoming Guardian Gardeners can contact Paschall at