A Weed?


Pot, 1/2 day sun, potting soil
I was wondering if you could help me. The leaves are soft and the plant has a flexible stem. I can’t remember if I planted a bulb or a buzzing garden there. Thanks, EQ


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

From your picture  I am unable to see the scale of the plant and I can not see the stem which helps with the ID. On the leaves I can see a spot on each leaf which leads me to believe you have Polygonum persicia, Lady’s thumb.

Polygonum persicia is originally from Europe but is now found right across North America in ditches, marshes and vacant lots. It is an annual which spreads through reseeding. Most would call it a weed though some grow it for butterflies and bees.

I have attached two links for you to further investigate the identification. One of the key identifiers is how the leaf attaches to the stem. There is a diagram on the OMAFRA site which shows you what to look for. If you wait for it to form a flower head it will become very easy to verify the ID.