Is this siberian elm?


Can you help me identify this plant? Is this a young Siberian elm tree ?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Unfortunately your picture did not accompany your question.

I am including information below to help with identifying Siberian Elms and American Elms. Hopefully this will help answer your question. You are also welcome to send in a photo and we can try to help you with identifying the tree.

Ulmus pumila, Siberian Elm, is an invasive species versus Ulmus Americana, American Elm, which is native to us. The Siberian elm is resistant to Dutch Elm disease where as the native plant is not.

If you are trying to decide if it is an American or Siberian Elm, here are two sites that show the difference between the two. There are differences in the flowers, leaves and tree shape that may help you ID the tree.

American Elm-

Siberian Elm-

Here are some sites that talk about Siberian Elms.