Is this weed or flower?


Hello there master,

May someone tell me what should I do with this guy.. I have been living in my new home since late May 2017. so far, I haven’t seen any flower from this plant.


The plant in your photo looks as if it might be a wild violet (Viola papilionacea). A wild violet is a small low-growing plant that tends to grow in clumps with a dense, fibrous root system and heart-shaped leaves. The leaves often form a funnel shape at the centre, which looks to be the case in your photo. They are pointed at their tip and have rounded teeth round their edge. Wild violet is often considered difficult-to-control due to its aggressive growth and waxy leaves. These plants spread easily by short rhizomes and are difficult to eradicate once established in your garden. Some gardeners regard them as a desirable perennial while others look on them as a weed, especially if found in lawns.

Wild violets are typically found in shady areas with moist soil but they can also grow in dry, sunny areas. They are native to Canada. The flowers usually appear in early spring and summer so you should see some round about now. Flowers have 5 petals. They may be hidden beneath the foliage. Most commonly the flowers are purple but sometimes they can be white or yellow.