Jade plant


If I transplant my Jade tree to a bigger pot, how big should the new pot be?  What kind of dirt should I use?  Do you recommend using rocks at the bottom for better drainage?


Take a look at our “Beginners guide to growing houseplants: a Toronto Master Gardeners Guide” which discusses types of containers to use as well as drainage.

Move any houseplant, including jade, up just one pot size at a time otherwise the plant will not do well.   Always ensure that there is a thin layer of gravel or broken clay chips at the bottom of your pot to help with drainage.  Also, use an all-purpose potting mixture (available from your local garden centre) that consists of 1 part each of loam, peat moss and coarse sand or perlite.

The Clemson Cooperative Extension has a helpful article, “Jade Plant”, that discusses how to care for your beloved plant.

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