Japanese maple bark peeling


I looked through all of the posts on Japanese maples with peeling bark, but was still not sure. My Japanese maple is about 15+ years old on the north side of our house in sandy soil. As you can see in the picture a bunch of tree bark has split.

I will put a chicken wire cage around this as other posts have suggested, but I am wondering if my tree is a goner.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners about your Japanese Maple trunk damage. Below are comprehensive answers from our Toronto Master Gardener question bank:

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Below is a Gardening Guide from Toronto Master Gardeners detailing all aspects of tree care.

Gardening Guide Japanese Maples

Since your tree has survived for 15 years, perhaps the most practical advice is to consult an arborist who can examine the tree in person. Landscape Ontario (https://landscapeontario.com/) is a good place to start for a referral. Hope your tree survives after some specific remedial attention.