Japanese Maple Trees*


Hi, I am looking for local sources for buying a Japanese Maple tree (Acer Palmatum tamukeyama) or any J.M. trees that grow to 10 feet at maturity. I live in Markham and know about Sheridan Nurseries. However, I am wondering if there are other less well known names around. I am not asking for endorsement but simply want to find any other sources. Thanks.


Hello – The Landscape Ontario web site which is the site for the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association has a ‘Find a Company’ feature on their site which allows you to enter your location to display a list of Garden Centres (or other horticultural service providers) in your area. The listing will include a telephone number and a web site address so you can check on any specialties at a particular centre or just call them to confirm they carry what you are looking for.

Some of the larger centres such as Sheridan or Humber Nurseries do have online catalogues. The catalogues will show you what the centre typically carries but not necessarily what is in stock. I always call ahead when I’m looking for something very specific.

Click here to access the Landscape Ontario site. https://landscapeontario.com/