Jesuit pear sapling move


A neighbour has offered me a couple of Jesuit Pear saplings. They are about 3′-4′ high and have, I think, been grown from seed. What would be the best time of year to dig them up and move them to my yard? Is there a hard, set rule about timing for transplanting or does it depend on the type of tree. My gut says fall once the leave are down. The tree would be dormant-ish and the ground is still warm for a while so the tree can settle and maybe root out a bit. I find spring too unstable… cool one day and then 85 degrees the next. Love your thoughts. Thanks. – A


The following information is from one of our earlier posts to a similar question.

I was unfamiliar with Jesuit pear trees so had to do some research and found a very interesting article. While not native to Ontario, the Jesuit pear trees are considered a heritage variety and becoming increasingly rare. I’ve included a link to the article below. I’m also including a link to an article from Iowa State University which provides some good information on how to go about moving small trees.”

Jesuit Pear Trees

Transplanting Small Trees