Kiwi – male or female?


I’ve planted arctic kiwi twice, male & female, and seem to have lost the same two. Any tips on discerning whether I have male or female plants? I have a very small garden and very mature kiwi; I need to be strategic to try again.


The only infallible way to tell which arctic kiwi is male and which is female is to wait for your vine to flower.  Here are a couple of photographs that help to explain the essential differences between the two flowers.

One option may be to consider planting Actinidia arguta ‘Issai’ which has a perfect flower (with both male and female parts): it is self-pollinating and is said to be a profusely fruiting vine.  Here is a description.

This website provides a list of names of male and female cultivars: perhaps you will recognize the names of the varieties you have tried to grow.