Where in Toronto can I find lavender plants that produce pink lavender, blue lavender and white. Corner plant outlets just sell the same variety lavender.


There are two main types of lavender that can be grown as perennials in Ontario – Lavandula augustifolia or English lavender, and Lavandula x intermedia, French lavender.  This guide to growing lavender, produced by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, is perhaps more detailed than you need, but it does have a good photo showing the cultivars that are successful in Ontario.  You’ll note a range of purple and one white cultivar.  There is also a pink cultivar, Lavandula augustifolia ‘Jean Davis’, which is hardy to Zone 4. (Toronto is Zone 6).

You will almost certainly need to order plants from a specialty grower for many of these varieties. The variety that is sold most often in local plant outlets is “Hidcote” and the reason for this is that it is a reliable cultivar that overwinters successfully and has few problems with pests and diseases. If you google “herb growers Ontario” you will find a list of growers, some of which have retail/online sales of plants.  If you are interested in starting plants from seed, a google search of Canadian seed companies will give you a list of retailers whose catalogues are online.