When is the best time to plant lavender in Durham rregion? What is the best evergreen to pair with it? Can it be planted in the ground outdoors?
Thanks for your help.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your questions on Lavendar.

The best time to plant Lavendar is in the spring  from mid May to early summer, but although not ideal  I have seen it planted successfully even late into the summer.

Which evergreen you want to choose depends primarily on your personal taste, but also consider that the size of the evergreen should not out compete the smaller lavendar.

All evergreens have a preference for slightly acidic to acidic soil, which is similar to what Lavendar prefer.

You may want to find something that provides a darker background to contrast against the blue-greyish hues in the lavendar. I would also consider a neighboring everegreen that is compact, such as boxwood, or an upright type of yew, or even ilex.