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If I wish to buy some compost for the lawn, do I have to wait for the middle of September? Will storage in an old garage make cause the compost to lose its constituency of being light, consistent, well rotted, if I purchased the compost now?
For the compost which isn’t suitable for a lawn, for a nine year old European Beech tree, which was just pruned by city staff, is there a guide to using the compost for the tree, since I have mulch as well? The mulch is older though, and finer, and I’m in west end toronto.
In the background of the attached photograph, is another tree, which has a bag, which I imagine is used to nourish trees. What is that called?
Thank you.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. Regarding purchasing compost now for use in September, this should be fine. The biggest concern with storing compost is moisture, which can lead to nutrient breakdown, rot and fungus. So as long as the place where you plan to store it is dry, out of the sun, with some ventilation, there should be no problem with storage for that short period of time.

Regarding compost and mulch for your tree, you can apply both if you want (compost followed by mulch) but this isn’t necessary. Compost is nutrient rich and full of life. It improves the soil and feeds roots. Mulch can be organic or inorganic. It insulates the surface of the soil, to conserve moisture, control weeds and moderate extreme temperatures. It also makes surface areas more attractive. And if it is organic, it can also amend the soil as it breaks down, increasing water absorption and retention, preventing soil compaction and improving aeration. Compost can be used as mulch. Here are a couple of links that provide more information about compost and mulch. The first one is a response from the Toronto Master Gardeners to a previous question about this :


Regarding tree bags, according to the City of Toronto website, these are called Treegators. Their purpose is to assist homeowners with irrigation of their newly planted tree. Here is the link with more information :,-forestry-and-recreation/urban-forestry/city-tree-planting-program-treegator-watering-bag.html

Best of luck with your lawn and tree.

July 27, 2021