lawn weeds


I am a new home owner. My lawn is full of weeds after getting dry. What can I do to maintain it free of weeds?


Thank you For contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Lawns often go dormant in the heat of summer and green up with rain or watering. When lawns are dormant weeds have an  opportunity to move in. There are many weeds that can infest a lawn but without knowing which weed you are dealing with it is difficult to give specific advice.

The most effective way to prevent weed growth is a lush full lawn. If you have healthy, thick  grass the weeds will not be able to grow and thrive. Thick grass crowds out the weeds and they can not germinate.

Our Library has many articles on lawn care and how to discourage weed growth. I am attaching two articles below which also have further links for more investigation.

If you have one specific weed giving you issues, please send us a picture of the weed so we can give you more specific advice.

How to repair a neglected lawn and ongoing care