Leaning tree


I have a severely leaning mulberry tree in my backyard and wondered if there are alternatives to cutting down such as Japanese tree crutch? Is this available in Toronto? Unfortunately your form won’t accept my photo


Japanese Tree Crutches are a new concept for us but some of the work we see on line is imaginative, architectural, beautiful and sometimes even whimsical. It seems to be a wonderful way to preserve trees.

Pursuing this line of enquiry (already I have contacted a few leads) may take time so in the meantime suggest that you contact a certified arborist who might be able to direct you to a specialist on Japanese Tree Crutches or at the very least, inform you about safety issues, other preservation methods , bylaw and other legal requirements relating to the transporting of wood.

Other possibilities include contacting The Japan Foundation, Toronto (info@jftor.org) or even the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre or a local bonsai group.

The Ontario chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture’s website is where we usually direct people to help you to locate a qualified arborist in your area: https://www.isaontario.com/ but when I checked the site , I found that their ‘Find an Arborist’ “ icon also says ‘Coming Soon ‘. Landscape Ontario offers names of select arborists at https://landscapeontario.com/search. Referrals from neighbours or other tree lovers could be another great source.

If any of our enquiries bear fruit, we will be sure to be in touch again but hope the above suggestions are helpful in the meantime. Thank you for contacting us and for caring about preserving your tree.