If I bring my lemongrass in over the winter and cut it back should I let it go dormant in the basement as I do successfully with other perennials? Thank you.


Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) is a herbaceous perennial, native to India, that is edible but also used as an ornamental/accent plant in gardens.

Lemongrass is not frost tolerant so overwintering indoors is required if someone wants to keep this plant in Toronto through the winter.

Toronto Master Gardeners has a guide to growing lemongrass that is useful for learning about this plant. The guide includes a section on overwintering, which I have pasted here:

“To keep lemongrass over the winter, move it indoors as soon as night temperatures are sinking to 10°C. Cut the plant back and place it in a cool (5°C) dark spot, where it will go dormant, or maintain it in a sunny position as a houseplant. When overwintering indoors, water as needed and reduce the frequency of fertilizer application.”

Best of luck caring for your lemongrass over the winter.

Sept 9 2023