Lilium Landini


Hello there.
Bought Lilium Landini bulb today, Mar. 9, 2018, from Toronto Walmart. In the instructions, it does not say when I should plant them. When I should plant them? Thank you.


The lily you purchased is an Asiatic Lily, or Oriental Lily. This lily is known for a very wide range of colours, sizes, shapes, and fragrances. The general rule of thumb for planting these, and most,  bulbs, is to get them into the ground in the fall. However, spring is around the corner, and you should now wait until the frost is out of the ground, and the soil is no longer mucky, but arable and warm enough, to promote new root growth. Plant according to instructions for depth and soil quality.

Once your lily bulb becomes established in its culture, then you should soon see some above-ground growth. Depending on factors such as sunlight, water and nutrients, it will be interesting to see how much your lily grows, or even blossoms this summer. But next season you should be able to look forward to your perennial as being well-established, and hopefully, fully blossoming.

If you find that you develop an interest in all things Lily, then perhaps you might be interested to visit the Ontario Lily Society linked here

We hope this helps regarding the timing of planting your lily bulbs.