Lily of the valley


Hi all,

I bought this from the plant sale at TBG. Whrn plant it over the weekend, duscivered that the blooms are white. Will they become pink later pls? Thanks in advance!!


It looks as if you have purchased and planted Pink Lily of the Valley – Convallaria majalis var. rosea.  This plant produces flowers that may at first look white but have a very delicate pink tinge.  The plant will take a year or two to establish itself and after that the pink will become more obvious.  Once established in its garden planting site, it will spread at a rather steady pace forming a sizeable clump which can get out of hand if it is not restrained.  Please choose a garden location that is not close to a protected, sensitive, natural or ravine setting as it can be quite invasive if it gets loose.

Hope this helps.