Lily of the valley


When is the best time of year to seperate and transplant lilly-of-the-valley ti another spot in the garden?
Before or after blooming? Or another time?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Ideally, you should transplant lily of the valley in the fall when the plant is dormant. If this time frame does not fit into your schedule then you could move it soon after blooming. This plant is an extremely resilient, hardy plant so it suffer no ill effects when transplanting.

Make sure that your clump of Lily of the valley is well watered a few days before transplanting. Make sure to do the transplanting on a cool, overcast day. If this is not possible then transplant in the early morning or late afternoon when the heat of the day has passed. Place your transplants 6-12″ apart and make sure to plant them at the same soil depth as they originally occupied. Water well after transplanting.