Locating a Wainwright Rose Plant


hi! I was wondering if you know where I can purchase a Wainwright rose plant? I bought one last year, but this year no one seems to carry..that I can find! thanks



Toronto Master Gardeners aims to advise clients on the all things horticultural — except pointing our clients in the direction of specific retailers. Our mandate is to educate clients on the cultivation, and nurture of your plants; hence TMG encourages gardeners to research sources for supplies and plant material

To locate a nursery in your area, go to the web site of Landscape Ontario (link below). Landscape Ontario is the professional association of the horticultural trades in Ontario. You’ll need to identify what you are looking for (Garden Centres) and confirm your location and you’ll be provided with a list of nurseries in your area. Each entry will contain web site links and other contact information. Some of the sites have online product information. Humber Nursery has a good Plant Search feature listing all of the plants they carry. All of the nurseries listed are members of Landscape Ontario so you can be assured of the quality of the plants they provide and their other services.

Landscape Ontario

If you cannot find a nursery through Landscape Ontario,  the Canadian Rose Society   

or   Greater Toronto Rose and Garden Horticultural Society

may be able to help.

Good Luck in your search.