Repotting Aquatic Plants*


Looking for someone who is familiar with repotting and replanting Aquatic Plants in my pond. Ideally looking for someone who is familiar with the different type of plants that thrive in a pond and can maintain the pond during the Spring, Summer and prepare for the Winter.


Hello, and thank you for writing: maintenance of a healthy pond calls for both creativity and specific knowledge and expertise of plant — and possibly fish/amphibian — life, particularly in the Toronto region, which experiences high and low temperature of both 30°C below, and above, freezing throughout the course of a year. My first instinct would be to suggest that you contact the person or company that originally installed your pond, as they would have the design and engineering specifications available. But perhaps that is not an option: in which case you might want to contact a local nursery or three. For your general knowledge, please see the fairly concise, and thorough summary of what is required for handling, overwintering, and storage: Landscape Ontario aquatic plants.

Within the Landscape Ontario site, and particularly helpful,  you have the option of searching for professional consultants in your area from whom you can request a site visit, an assessment and a quote for work required. Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners, and  hopefully future maintenance of your pond will go swimmingly!