Low Ground Cover in Full Afternoon Sun


I am looking for a low , ( 12 inch or under ) light green maybe silverish , hardy , perrenial ground cover that can take full afternoon sun . We planted a sedum last year and they all died over winter . But not a low spruce as we have some of that .


Ground covers can be defined in many ways. Some are decorative while others can handle light to heavy traffic. One can cover an entire area with one type of plant or create spaces which use different plants creating a mosaic or design within the space. How the space will be used will probably guide this decision. If you have young children and/or dogs using the space the groundcover will need to be tougher.

When choosing plants it is good to be familiar with groundcovers that are considered invasive in Ontario. Unfortunately many invasive plants are still available in nurseries. Ground covers you will commonly see that should be avoided include periwinkle (myrtle, vinca), English ivy and goutweed. Once you have these plants in your yard they will spread rapidly and invade your gardens and your neighbors’ gardens.

The important thing is to pick a groundcover suited to the area and the function of the space. This will allow you to enjoy the results with less work and frustration.

The following websites gives a detail list of various groundcovers which will groew in full sun along with a short description and photo.