Lucky Bamboo


I have two Lucky Bamboos growing in a soil mix in our bathroom. They are doing so well, that they are huge – I do have to try to avoid overwatering, since the glass containers don’t have drainage.
They are currently 3, 4. and 5 ft high and I have support them by looping them through the stained glass frame in the window. They are basically single stalks.
Is there a way to trim them back, without loosing their character? if I cut off the tops, should I root the tops?
Thanks! Jane


Thank you for your question about trimming your tall Lucky Bamboos. Lucky bamboo, so called due to the bamboo-like appearance of the stem, is of a non-related plant species, Dracaena sanderiana, which is native to tropical western Africa. The pruning and subsequent growth of this plant is like other dracaenas such as D. marginata.

The best time for pruning is during the spring when signs of new plant growth is beginning. Using sharp disinfected pruning shears, start by cutting the stems, at a 90° angle, a couple of inches above your plant’s desired height. One or two new offsets will grow from the nodes below the cut. This will leave the plant with bare stems until the foliage leafs out from the offset(s), see photo. As for the remaining tops, trim these to the desired height with disinfected shears. Follow the steps outlined under the heading: Propagating Lucky Bamboo.  This will multiply your collection and/or provide you with gift plants.

For further information, please see “How to Grow and Care for Lucky Bamboo Indoors

Wishing you the best in your adventure with lucky bamboo pruning.