Magenta Grape Vines


I’m considering buying a Magenta Grape… or a Somerset Grape… I’ve previously grown Somerset so I have some experience with it, but I’m intrigued by Magenta’s cherry like flavor. I’ve looked EVERYWHERE on the internet for more information about Magenta with NO success. I’d like to know how big &/or vigorous it is. I don’t have a big space although I’m sure it would be big enough for a Somerset Vine and I expect to have to prune it some in any case, but as I eat the leaves this is FINE. I’ve also grown a Trollhaugen grape, but it would need more space than I have currently… I know both the Somerset & Magenta are supposed to be good for Zone 4 which is fine… I’m mainly concerned about size and space required.. but any other relevant information regarding growing this variety would be appreciated… I have ticked the box below, but I do NOT currently reside in Toronto although I used to live there… However, since my question is a general one and applicable to people in Toronto, and my Internet searches for information are coming up EMPTY… I’m hoping you will answer anyway… but I’m also OK if you don’t… I understand you want to serve people in the GTA.


Yes, our area of expertise is the Toronto area so that is the focus of our ASK A Master Gardener service. However we have answered a question previously about Magenta and Somerset grapes that you might find helpful. You can see our response here.

If you are located in in Ontario and would like an answer to your question that is specific to your gardening area you could contact your local Master Gardener group. You can find a list of these groups on the website for the Master Gardeners of Ontario. Click here. There are also Master Gardener Groups across Canada.

Good luck with your search.

Nov 1, 2023