Magnolia soulangeana


I planted a very special magnolia soulangeana in my yard two years ago. I understand that this variety can also grow in a large pot, but I might be wrong. I am moving to a condo and I would like to take it with me. Would you please help me confirm if I can do that?
If so, would you please help me referring a gardener that can do that for me?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. 

Yes, you may grow magnolia in a pot. Magnolia trees grow root systems very quickly , so be sure to choose a container that will suit the size of your magnolia. A Magnolia with a trunk of 2cm wide will need a container at least 60cm wide and 60cm tall. For each centimeter around the diameter of the trunk, the container needs to  be 30cm wider and taller. Magnolia needs a spot away from strong winds, naturally, the higher the balcony, the more challenging it becomes. You may add one inch of compost to the container each year and top up with mulch. 

Here is our answer from a previous post which provides further information:

Unfortunately we do not recommend gardeners. You may want to contact your local garden centers for help.