Can I ask you if Malva shrub is considered invasive? I planted one and now I have 6 around my landscape.

It maybe be the Malva which is pink with raspberry veins.
Thanks you


The very large family of Malvaceae, commonly known as the hollyhocks, are native to Asia and Europe, not North America. You say yours produces pink flowers with darker red stripes, suggesting it is most likely Malva sylvestris (Common Mallow) , an erect, bushy, biennial or perennial growing up to 120 cm tall and 90 cm wide.

Although some American states, such as California, have listed it as invasive; in Ontario, only the Malva moschata (Musk Mallow) is listed as invasive, in Category 4, not a serious threat to natural species. It is a weedy looking plant with pale pink flowers.

Just to confuse things more, the plant formerly known as Lavatera trimestris is now being called Malva trimestris (Rose Mallow), which is an annual that can grow to shrub size in one season, can have pink flowers with faint red stripes, also.

All that being said, generally, most Malva are prolific self-seeders, so next spring, do keep an eye out for new plants appearing next spring in areas where you don’t want them — especially right next to your neighbours’ properties, where they may not want them!