Maple Tree and Concrete Patio


Maple tree (not red) 10-12 in diameter, 20 ft + high, 35 yr old is about 14 feet from house. Concrete patio is one slab 10 by 10 ft. It was there before I planted tree. Planted tree about 4 ft from one side of patio thinking then this is far enough from house i.e 10+4 = 14 ft
Patio is now sloping towards house thus rain water flows same direction. Cannot raise concrete enough on house side as water would flow into door.
I see that the tree roots around its base have lifted the ground for a large diameter- as well as the concrete.
With a new patio sloping towards the tree, the ground will
form a hump which would cause rain water to accumulate there and not flow to the rest of the backyard.
Would greatly appreciate advice on possible solution.
Saw on TV (USA) such a large tree being dug out and moved using heavy equipment. Is this practical/done/expensive here in Ont.
Thank you in advance


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your query.

Roots of large trees such as your 35 year old Maple Tree can certainly raise concrete and even damage house foundations.  It is often difficult to imagine or plan for the ultimate size of a tree root system when one plants a small tree.  Tree roots will grow to the drip line of the tree canopy and sometimes even further.

You should not attempt to move a tree that size yourself.  It is a mammoth job. You will need a professional to do the job for you.  They will assess the survivability, if at all, of your maple after it has been moved.  They will check for underground lines, pipes and determine if there are overhead lines in the way. 

A tree that size will require the use of heavy equipment such as a tree spade.  The tree spade truck will need access to your back yard and will likely cause quite a bit of damage to any grass or flower beds during the process.

The following web site will give you some idea of what is involved in moving a large mature tree:

If you decide to go ahead and hire a professional, Landscape Ontario’s web site, is good source for reputable companies that will do this kind of work.  As with all contractors one hires, you should get 3 estimates, check the company’s credentials and ensure that the company has insurance coverage.  It will be quite costly to move your tree.  You may want to consider removing your Maple and planting a new one in a more suitable location.

Good luck.