Maple Tree Planting



I planted a potted 7 Gallon red maple tree bought from a nursery 2 weeks ago. We live in Clarington Ontario. 3 days after planting some of the leaves started to turn a light green, which now are turning yellow and a few have dropped already. The soil is a good 10” of topsoil with a clay base a little further past this. I dug the hole twice as wide and around the same depth as the pot. The root flare is not buried. Halfway filling the hole with dirt I soaked the hole to pack down the soil and remove any air pockets and filled in the rest of the hole. There is a dirt ring around the tree and the roots are covered with a cedar mulch. After planting I have watered the tree once a week using a 5 gallon bucket with a 1/8” hole drilled in it to keep all the water at the root ball for a deep soak. I have read about iron deficiencies in these trees and was wonder if it could be that or just shock due to the time of year of planting and the heat wave that occurred right after planting. Have I watered the tree enough?

Thanks for your advice.


As the tree is new to your landscape, it could be recovering from being transplanted in the heat.  Trees thrive with about an inch of rain a week. If adequate rainfall does not occur, trees should be watered. Some leaf scorch and leaf drop is normal in mid-summer.

If the condition continues and get worse, you should contact the nursery where you purchased the tree.