Mexican Feather Grass


Last Spring, I grew Mexican feather grass from seed and planted in full sun outdoors. Will it survive the cold Toronto winter?


Mexican Feather Grass (Nassella tenuissima) is native to south-western United States, northern Mexico and Argentina. This grass is a widely popular in California grown for its graceful, delicate cascading leaves. ¬†Unfortunately, this plant’s hardiness zone ranges from USDA 7-10 and as a result, will not survive Toronto’s winters.

It should be noted that this plant has recently been added to California’s list of invasive species since it produces tens of thousands of seeds, which are dispersed by wind, water or contaminated soil. The seed can persist for more than 4 years in the soil and is capable of outcompeting native plants once it becomes established.

For more information on this beautiful yet invasive plant see Mexican Feather Grass: Invasive Beauty can be Deceiving by the UC Master Gardener Program.