Meyer Lemon Tree – Pruning


Hi there,

I’m a recent Meyer Lemon ‘mom’ (sorry, it sounded funnier than owner!). I’ve been doing some reading because I’m concerned about it’s V-shape at the base. I want this tree to live a long, fruitful (heehee) life, and I’m wondering if any pruning will be needed to ensure this? (I have additional photos, if needed, but can only attach one via this form)


How fortunate to be the proud parent of such a lovely tree. The first step towards a healthy tree is to ensure that you are giving your plant the proper care.

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While potted lemons don’t require pruning to control height, regular pruning still is necessary to encourage branching and outward growth. Additionally, diseased and damaged branches must be removed immediately to prevent disease from spreading throughout the lemon tree. Here is an excellent video illustrating the proper pruning technique:

Pruning Meyer Lemons in Containers – YouTube

Here’s to a long, healthy life for your Meyer lemon.