Miracle plant search – plant for a privacy hedge


Hi Everytime I think I have found “The Plant” for my privacy hedge I read about a problem with it ie bug, rust etc. I want to get privacy from my neighbours house and windows. Their house is within less than 2 meters from mine.

I want a plant that

-won’t damage the foundation of either house( I read that jap maple ie acer palm red twombly is good near foundations)
-grows in Toronto
-good in sun and sun shade-faces east and south
– grows to 10 -12 ft tall
-is columnar
-very hardy
-needs minimal pruning
-forms a hedge (I’ve considered east red cedar(swamp) taylor juniper, spartan jun, twombly maple,

Does MG have any great recommendations ie tall non invasive bamboo or should I just put up a 2 meter fence and a patio tent for privacy?


Thanks for contacting us about a privacy hedge for your growing situation.

A Japanese maple is probably not the “miracle plant” you are seeking for your purpose.  While Japanese maples are lovely in the right circumstances, they are generally slow growing, and because they are deciduous they may not provide privacy during the winter.

There is probably no such thing as the perfect plant.  Given the right conditions (over or underwatering; heat and drought; early frosts; too much rain; etc.) any plant can develop pests and/or diseases.  However if you select the right plant for the right place and do a good job of planting as well as maintenance and monitoring, your chances of having a thriving hedge are greatly increased.  Also see the link to our guide for successful tree planting below.

A quick search of our website for “Privacy Hedge” will reveal that we have answered numerous questions about suitable plants for a privacy hedge.

Below is one such answer to get you going that suggests several examples of an evergreen you might choose.

Good luck; I do hope you manage to find just that perfect plant and don’t have to put in a fence as a last resort.  A privacy hedge will be beautiful and will give you winter interest (even if you opt for a deciduous variety) while providing shelter for birds and other wildlife.

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