Mona Lavender


Last year we bought Mona Lavender in 4″ pots (see photo) and planted the garden in late May. It was very happy and grew to about 60-70+cm and flowered all summer. We brought it into the house in October and had a good spot, lots of light in the window. As time went by it became less happy but survived and it has now been planted out again and seems happy.

How do we get it to flower again?

Your wisdom will be appreciated.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners for advice on your Plectranthus ‘Mona Lavender’, commonly called Lavender Spur Flower.  It’s known for its vibrant leaves and large lavender-coloured blooms.  I’m glad you overwintered your Mona Lavender inside as this plant is only hardy to zone 10 and does not tolerate frost.   They grow well in a sheltered location with organically rich, moist, well-drained soil in part shade.  Take care to keep your plant out of direct sunlight.  Mona Lavender usually transitions well from overwintering indoors to outdoors in the summer months. I hope you planted it in the same location or growing conditions as last year so it flourishes again.

Mona Lavender is a short day plant.  This means that its growth slows as temperatures get warmer and days get longer.  As days become shorter, it will shift into flowering mode.  Give your plant some time to adjust to its new summer home.  Your Mona Lavender is busy restoring its root system and growing new leaves to build up its reserves before it begins blooming again.  You can also pinch the stems to encourage a fuller, bushier plant and more blooms.   Once it does bloom, remove the spent flowers (deadhead) so the energy of the plant is used to produce more blooms, rather than ripening seed.

Enjoy your Plectranthus!