Money Tree


I have a 4 year old Money Tree that is a bit on the large side.I was wondering how do I tame it, or minimize it.As you can see it’s close to 5ft tall. It stands on a 18 inch high coffee table and gets close to 8 hours of sun. I water it every other day or so.


Well it would appear that your Money tree (Pachira aquatica) is thriving. These chestnut trees are native to South and Central America and hailed as feng-shui plants, reportedly bringing luck and money to your home. They are vigorous growers and can reach heights of more than 60 feet in their native environment. As house plants they often grow to 10 feet, if left untrimmed.

You seem to have the plant situated in an ideal sunny spot. As a wetland plant they do like a fair amount of water but you should monitor how much they receive in the winter months, when the sunlight is reduced.

As far as the size goes, these plants can withstand some pruning so you should feel free to trim them to a size that meets your needs. Given that this is an indoor plant and has a fairly stable environment year round, this pruning can be done at any time.To remove overgrown areas of your money tree, use small pruning scissors to cut off the obtrusive branches about a 1/2 inch above where the base of the branch touches the stem of the plant or where it connects to a larger branch. This ensures that the plant can continue to grow healthy stems and leaves, but keeps the size under control. The cuttings can be used to propagate new plants simply by dipping them in rooting hormone and placing them in a moist, sterile potting soil.

For more information on your Pachira aquatica try these sites:

I wish your money tree a long and happy life.