Morning glories*


I live in Etobicoke and every year plant 50 Morning Glory plants along my fence.
I am situated on a corner lot, north side of the street so they get plenty of sun facing south + sandy soil. Please advise as to how to properly prepare the soil.
I thought they didn’t do well in good soil and have never used triple mix, mulch, etc. – some years they have done very well. Last year was terrible – they were sparse and didn’t cover the fence. I really need coverage to block out the new neighbours. How much space between the plants?


I would highly recommend using any soil amendment with organic material as it will improve your soil both short and long term. Compost is a good option, but triple mix may be a more affordable and simple option. This will add nutrients to your soil, improve microbial activity and improve water holding capacity in your sandy soil. Amend your soil with 3-4″ of triple mix by mixing with the existing soil.

Spacing between 8″-12″ is what’s most recommended. You may wish a spacing closer to 8″ if privacy is a main concern. Adding wood chips as mulch is an option if you want to lower the frequency that you need to water your Morning Glory plants. If you choose to do so, put wood chips on top of the soil, don’t mix them in as they can temporarily tie up nitrogen in the soil while they decompose. Best of luck with your Morning Glory vines this year!