Morning glory with little white flowers



Please help. I planted morning glory plants three years back and the plant has taken over everything in my front yard. It has spilled over to the grass and now all grass is covered with these spider veins that bllom in the morning. The garden is no longer visible as the plant is crawling over every plant and chocking all plants.

Please help.

Thank you,




It is likely that your lawn has been taken over by Bindweed.  Bindweed is a member of the morning glory family with white/pink flowers. It is a vining plant that grows 4-5 feet in length and has very deep roots. Poor soil and drought conditions allow it to thrive. Eradicating Bindweed in a garden requires diligence and persistence. The recommended method of control is to repeatedly cut the plant off at soil level using scissors or shears. Over time, the plant will weaken, and the roots will die off. Do not attempt to pull out the plant as this will encourage the roots to send out new shoots. Maintaining a healthy lawn will make it more difficult for Bindweed to thrive. See the following post for more information Bindweed control in your lawn: