Moving a recently planted katsura tree



We planted a Katsura In May 2018. Now two years later we need to move it. It has grown about 3 feet in that time and now stands about 16 feet tall. I have a landscaper who is willing to dig it out and drag it across the yard next to the garage.
Is it likely the tree can survive this move?


The Katsura, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, can be difficult to transplant.  It has a shallow and wide root system which means that in digging it up there is the risk of cutting off too much of its root system, making the tree extremely vulnerable to transplant shock.   If it must be moved, either fall or early spring are the preferable times, while the tree is dormant.  If your landscaper is an arborist, they should be able to give you an opinion on the advisability of transplanting at this time, and the odds of the tree surviving its move.  We would recommend consulting a licensed arborist.  Landscape Ontario has a list of arborists in the GTA, here.

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