Mulberry tree trimming*


I have two 25 year old mulberry trees in the front garden at the door entrance.  They are blocking the front doorway now and I’d like to know if I can trim them down to the trunk to start over.  I have seen other gardens with mulberry trees cut back to the truck, but not seen if they grow back the same.


As you do not say what type of Mulberry you have, weeping, bush or tree form, here are some general tips on pruning the species, Morus nigra.

No extensive pruning as this could cause serious health problems for the plant – 25% maximum removal and this should firstly include any diseased, damaged, dangerous or dead limbs.

Pruning should be limited to strategic removal of branches no larger than 2 inches across as Mulberry plants loose sap/bleed at the cut sites.  These open wounds are slow to heal so are prime sites for insect & disease penetration into the plant and cuts larger than 2 inches won’t heal for a long time.

Very late Fall or Winter are the best times to do any pruning or trimming as the plant is dormant, the sap is not running, cuts have time to heal and pests & disease are less prevalent.  As Mulberry plants are deciduous, loose their leaves in fall, and are bare all winter, the branching structure can be easily seen for pruning.

Below you will find a link to an article on pruning Mulberry trees.  Good luck.