Mums The Word: Overwintering Mums Worth Planting?


Do you think a tray/container of Gigi Mums would come to life, if I planted them? They were gifted to me last summer/fall, and I just watered them and kept them in the garage, through a window which gave them great sun, and I could see them.
I didn’t want to add them to the garden, and I think your colleagues suggested they wouldn’t overwinter.
I had assumed they had to be discarded. If I do discard them, how do I do this without making seeds turn into weeds, which give me more weeding in the spring?
I wasn’t able to garden as much last season.
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Thank you for checking back in with us.

If you are worried about plants creating seeds that will spread through your garden you can remove the flowering heads as they are spent but before seeds are created. If you miss this window you can dead head the flowers and discard the seed heads rather than leaving them on the plants or adding them to your compost pile.

With your Mum you are unlikely to have issues with weed seeds as they are not native and not hardy in our environment as discussed in your previous answer.

If you are interested in seeing if the plant can grow another year you can bring it out in the spring and see what it does. You can either plant it in the garden or repot it with new soil and see what happens. It may not do anything but perhaps your winter care will allow it to have another season. It could be a fun experiment to give it a try and see what happens.